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Protecting Your Home With Security Systems


Here at Cardiff Alarm Systems, we are working innovatively to ensure that your home has the highest standard of security, we are able to introduce you to new and advanced intruder alarms, CCTV systems and even continuous maintenance of these security systems. We understand how frightening it can be to be at home on your own, or even leaving your house for long periods of time, so we have created the best solution for you, we have many security systems that can be put to use in your home, where you are more than capable of monitoring your house from anywhere in the world.


At Cardiff Alarms, we are one of the leading providers of burglar alarms in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. To get a quote, get in touch with our team today!


How do security systems work?



On behalf of our CCTV systems, our camera footage is able to pick up any recordings of objects/people in the directed area, while being able to monitor the footage from wherever you are. CCTV cameras are great for picking up videos of anyone trying to intrude on your home, as you will gain photographic evidence of them to show the police as proof of attempted burglary. In addition, our intruder alarms are great for scaring away any unwanted people, as the alarms detect any movement that happens inside your home, in the desired area. If it detects that someone has broken in, then you will be made aware of the incident very quickly, allowing you to act upon the situation immediately. If you are out of your house when a break-in occurs, you will be notified on your phone, allowing you to be made aware of the crime.


What types of security systems are available?


At Cardiff Alarm Systems, we offer a few different security systems that can help protect your home and maintain defence against intruders. We offer:


  • Intruder Alarms
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control


All of these security systems will be available for installation and maintenance, where we can quickly and efficiently situate the systems in your home for you and keep them up-to-date to ensure that they are working effectively at all times.


The Impact of CCTV on Protecting Crime Deterrence


According to The College of Policing, it is investigated that crime was found to decrease by 13% in areas with CCTV compared to those without. This is because many people who are looking to commit crimes are scared of being caught, which is why they tend to avoid areas/homes with visible security and potential photographic evidence. 


Can CCTV cameras see in the dark?



We have options for CCTV systems where you will have access to cameras that can pick up footage in the dark, this will increase the identity of individuals who are trying to commit crimes in your home at night and gain insight into what actions are taking place by your home in unsociable hours. Our CCTV systems will help you rest assured that all footage will be captured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.


Limitations and Considerations 



When it comes to investing in security systems, there are a few things to consider and fully understand the areas that you may be limited on. Overall, security systems are a great source of protection for your home, but before you invest, ensure you are purchasing and installing the right product.


  • The camera can only overlook your premises – It is illegal for your camera to overlook anyone else premises.


  • It may be costly to run and maintain – Maintaining a camera may not be cheap, and if an error occurs, they are costly to fix/upgrade.


  • If it is a wired system, you may face power outages – If you face a power outage, your camera may not be fit for use due to the system being shut down. 


  • Dependant on WIFI/Internet – The app to connect the camera may face internet problems, especially if you are out, so you may need to consider using more mobile data.


  • Weather conditions – Weather conditions may affect the lens of the camera, disallowing you to be able to see the footage.


  • Privacy concerns – Neighbours may want you to deviate your camera well away from their property so they can rest assured they have full privacy.


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