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At its very basic level, Access control is a way of controlling who comes into your home, business or property, whether they be family, friend, employee or contractor. It’s also known as physical access control. This is to differentiate between access that stops people visiting virtual places – such as logging into a computer network – and one that stops people visiting an actual site. 

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Why is an access control system better than just using keys?

It may seem that it would be easier and cheaper to just work with physical keys. But that is not the case, and for many different reasons. 

  • People can lose keys. If someone loses a key then nine times out of ten the locks will have to be replaced in case someone finds the key and tries to misuse it. Once that is done then everybody who uses that door has to have their keys replaced. Whilst it may not be expensive to replace keys, it is time consuming, and the more key holders you have, the bigger the cost. 
  • Keys don’t leave what is known as an ‘audit trail.’ You can’t log keys onto a system that tells you when and where the key was used and by whom. With an access control system, you can keep a log of who is in the building and what time they entered and then left, maintaining up to date records of who is on your property.
  • Different rooms and buildings require different keys. If someone needs access to a large array of buildings and rooms, then they’ll need a lot of keys. This is not only bulky, but also time consuming. In the event of an emergency, it could prove disastrous.

Benefits of having an access system 

The benefits of an integrated access system on your access management are innumerable. 

  • You have complete control over access. This means you can decide who enters a building and when. Your access system can allow all employees access to the work area, but may limit visitors and contractors to the front desk area. This level of scrutiny allows you to maintain numbers in areas, perfect for an emergency when you will need all people in the area to leave. 
  • An access system will also control what doors people have access to. Maybe only technicians are allowed in the labs and cleaners are allowed in store rooms, whereas senior management need access everywhere. You can set those parameters from the main controls. This also allows you to know when people have entered, again, allowing your security to thrive. 
  • There may be times that staff can only access the building at certain times. Perhaps staff may only enter the building when their shift is beginning, or contractors can only enter during certain working hours. An access system lets you control this flow of personnel in the building
  • Another great plus of an access control system is that you can set the conditions for how people gained access. Staff may be able to come and go as they please, but contractors and visitors would have to show identification to gain entry. Once inside, this system will shepherd them to where they need to go as it will not allow them to get to any unauthorised areas.

Door Entry Systems

  • Wide range of systems
  • Suitable for buildings of all sizes and all uses
  • Intercom systems
  • Swipe card systems
  • PIN, RFID and video entry setups
  • We are SSAIB approved

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