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We are one of Cardiff’s most reputable security systems companies offering expert solutions for both domestic and commercial CCTV systems. For over 35 years, we have come to establish ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy service provider, offering innovative security systems to prevent intrusion into your business premises and homes, keeping you, your family and employees safe.

Not only do we provide a selection of high-quality CCTV systems, but our team of experts offer professional CCTV installation in Cardiff and throughout South Wales. With years of experience, our specialist CCTV installers will be able to install your high-spec CCTV system to your property efficiently to ensure that your CCTV system is in a position to offer optimal coverage. To enquire about our sophisticated CCTV systems and our CCTV installation service, call us now on 02920 004465.

Professional CCTV Installers Cardiff

At Cardiff Alarm Systems, we want to make sure that you can sleep soundly in your home and feel at ease that your business premises is safeguarded at all times. Because of this, we stock and install the most sophisticated CCTV systems from local CCTV system suppliers, making sure you know what is happening in your home and at your business premises at all times. We have a wide range of CCTV systems, from single cameras to complete house surveillance. Contact our team and receive a free consultation where we will advise you on the best type of CCTV camera tailored to your needs and type of property. 

CCTV Installation For Commercial & Domestic Properties

Whether you are looking for security systems for your domestic property or commercial properties, it is important to have the right security systems fitted correctly by professional CCTV installers. The CCTV security system you require may depend on the number of people that live, work, or visit your property, how high security your property is, and various other contributing factors. By choosing Cardiff Alarm Systems, you can ensure the highest quality security system is installed efficiently by our team of expert CCTV installers in Cardiff.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with our CCTV experts, or simply ask a few questions, please call us at 02920 00 44 65  to speak with our specialists.

Reputable CCTV System Installers That You Can Rely On

At our Cardiff-based security systems company, we are proud to offer a wide selection of security systems to both domestic and commercial properties in Cardiff and across South Wales. Regardless of what type of system you’re interested in, our specialists will be able to install your system quickly and efficiently to ensure your home is protected against intruders and unwanted guests. 

When it comes to having a CCTV system installed, you will want to seek the service from a reputable CCTV installation company that is fully accredited with years of experience. With years of experience comes expertise, and we can guarantee a professional and quick CCTV installation service each time for our clients.

Just arrange a free consultation to work out exactly what you require to keep your property safe and allow you to feel comfortable in your own home. Get in touch today by calling us at 02920 00 44 65  or simply completing the contact form on our website and we will be in touch. 

We have a wide range of CCTV systems. Contact us today to see which option best suits your needs.

Why CCTV System Camera Placement And Location Matters

Security Systems need to be fitted in the correct location within your property to ensure that they have maximum detection and efficiency, which includes being positioned in a location where it can easily monitor an area that needs to be monitored at all times, or can detect any sign of intrusion to the domestic or commercial property. For maximum efficiency, it is essential for a team of experienced engineers to install your CCTV system. For enquiries regarding our CCTV installation in Cardiff service, call us now on 02920 004465.

It’s no use having the best CCTV system if you don’t have an expert team to provide you with professional CCTV Installation. Luckily, when you choose Cardiff Alarm Systems, you can guarantee that your camera system will be fitted by highly trained engineers who know exactly what they are doing. Our skilled installers pride themselves on the quality of work they produce for each of our clients, so you can rest assured that your security system has been installed optimally.

Why Should I Invest In A Security System?

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) estimates that there are between 4 million and 5.5 million CCTV cameras in the UK which is the highest amount of CCTV cameras anywhere in Europe per capita. It means that already the UK has 1 CCTV camera for every 14 residents. So why do you need CCTV installed for either a domestic or commercial environment?

Deters Crime

Numerous studies reveal that having a security system present on your property can deter intruders away. Burglars will want to target properties with no CCTV or other security systems so will aim to avoid those with security systems on display.]

Added Peace Of Mind

Having a high-quality security system installed either at your home or commercial premises will give you added peace of mind in the fact that you have taken the necessary precautions and steps in protecting your property and business. 

You Can End Up Saving Money

If you choose to invest in a security system, you can actually end up saving money on insurance policies, as insurance companies are more likely to offer discounted premiums to businesses that are actively committed to deter crime. If you need to process a claim, CCTV footage will also speed up the claim process and ensure that you receive a full payout.

If you are looking to install a security system for your home, this can also lower homeowners insurance as insurance firms realise that having a security system for your home reduces the likelihood of a break-in.

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We have a wide range of CCTV systems. Contact us today to see which option best suits your needs.

CCTV Systems

Cardiff Alarm Systems supplies and install CCTV systems from leading industry manufacturers, ensuring our customers get the most sophisticated systems that provide the finest quality CCTV footage. With our range of market-leading CCTV systems, our expert CCTV installers will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your home and commercial premises at all times.

Our team has years of experience and knowledge and maintains the same passion for customer safety and security that has been at the heart of Cardiff Alarm Systems since the very first day the business had started. 

To enquire about our range of CCTV systems available, get in touch with us by calling us at 02920 00 44 65  today to speak with our experts. 


Wireless CCTV Cameras

At Cardiff alarm systems we offer all our prospective clients a free consultation and planning meeting so that you know exactly the type of CCTV system that will work for you. With free quotes, you also know the outlay needed to secure your property and can be assured there will be no hidden extras when it comes to the installation. 

At Cardiff Alarm Systems, we are dedicated to protecting Cardiff homes and businesses. We have been providing the Welsh capital with high-quality alarms, CCTV and all types of security and protection for several decades. From expert installation to reliable alarm maintenance services, we are Cardiff’s best security system specialists for good reason and have hundreds of satisfied clients who will testify to that fact. Get in touch today for your free consultation, quote, and site survey. 

Want to book a free consultation? Call us at 02920 00 44 65 to schedule one today.

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We advise carrying out a CCTV installation by yourself if you have no prior experience or qualifications. Instead, leave it to qualified engineers with CCTV installation such as ourselves. Leaving your installation in the hands of professionals will ensure your CCTV camera is completely efficient and you will have peace of mind.

You do not need a licence to use a CCTV system, but there are caveats to their use depending on if they are being used for residential or commercial purposes. For residential areas, all you have to do is make sure that you are not infringing on the privacy of your neighbours. If your business uses CCTV, the only legal mandates you are required to follow are:

  • Pay data protection fees
  • Let people know there are CCTV systems in place
  • Be answerable to people you’ve recorded and be able to produce images within a month
  • Be compliant with the authorities if you are asked to produce the footage.

A wireless CCTV system objectively has more advantages than a wired one. It does not impact the space of your house or office, it is easier to set up, and is less expensive. A wireless CCTV might need wires that connect them to a power source, except they run on batteries.

Yes. When using CCTV systems you need to make sure that the area is well illuminated. Some might just opt for an infrared camera, but you should understand that these cameras aren’t a very good choice if you want high-range/versatile coverage. 

Security cameras at 1440p are currently the highest resolution cameras that are on the market – or at least, the most commonly used. Want to enquire about our CCTV camera and the resolutions available? Call us now on 02920004465.

Yes. Investing in a CCTV can actually lower your premiums as insurance companies will view homes and businesses with CCTV systems as low risk as the properties will be less susceptible to crime.

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