Burglar Alarms and Insurance: How Security Systems Can Lower Your Premiums

Let’s talk burglar alarms and insurance. It is argued that burglar alarms can lower your premiums and we are here today to speak about the truth and importance of the impacts that security systems can have upon it. Security systems in your household can come with many benefits, through detecting and having proof of intruders, deterring crime and advanced home security where you can monitor from wherever you are through the required app.


Will installing a security system lower my premium bonds?


Insurance premiums are determined depending on various factors and the overall installation of security systems can impact the cost of your insurance. Usually, having a security system fitted into or on your home can lower your home insurance, this is due to the fact that your home is overall at a reduced risk of theft or damage, making your home less of a liability for the insurance company.


Most insurance providers often offer discounts for customers who have installed security systems, such as alarm systems, surveillance cameras and other protective security systems. However, the discount that you are offered can vary depending on the type of insurance company you are with and the specific protective measures of your security system.


How much you can save on your insurance by installing a security system


Image of an outdoor fire alarm from Cardiff Alarms Systems Ltd

Depending on the extent of your home security and the insurance provider that you are with, the costs of your insurancee can vary significantly. It is great to check with your insurance provider if they offer insurance discounts when you install security systems and gain specific details on what measurements you can take to save money and how much you can save. Some providers may require certain specifications for the security system to be eligible for the insurance discount, which can help you discover to to meet these criteria. 


It is a win-win situation, installing a security system not only has the potential to save you money but also increases the safety of your home.


Do I need to inform my insurance company after installing a security system?

Image of a CCTV camera outside within a city centre, with a large office building in the background

Yes, it is very important that you inform your insurance company after installing a security system and it can also come with the following benefits:


Premium discounts:


As mentioned previously, installing security systems can lower your insurance premiums due to lowering the risk of any theft or damage to your home, meaning there is less liability on your insurance company for your property.


Policy Compliance:


Some insurance companies may have specific requirements or recommendations when installing security systems, informing your insurer will make certain that you are following all measures within your policy.


Enhanced protection:


Letting your insurance company know that you are going to install a security system demonstrates your passion and commitment to protecting your home. This can be beneficial in case you may need to file a claim in the future.


Updated Information:


Keeping your insurance company about any changes to your home, such as installing a security system helps to maintain correct and upgraded information in your policy. This can be vital for processing your claims efficiently.


Do insurance discounts vary based on the location of your home? 


Insurance companies offer varied discounts based on the security of your home, the location and crime rates in your area. These factors determine how much the cost of your insurance will be applied.

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