Fire Alarms in Cardiff

Fire alarms are pivotal in all domestic and commercial properties for the safety of those who use or live in the property, therefore, it is incredibly important that all properties have them fitted, and they are as best quality as possible. If you’re based in the Cardiff area and need to upgrade your properties alarms, Cardiff Alarm Systems can successfully install brand new alarm systems to your property that have superior quality in detecting any signs of fire and smoke, keeping those inside of the property safe at all times. For the supply and installation of domestic and commercial fire alarms in Cardiff, call the experts at Cardiff Alarms Systems Ltd

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For more than 35 years, Cardiff Alarms Systems Ltd has been installing and maintaining fire alarm systems across Cardiff. Whether it’s for your home or you have a large commercial building, we will ensure you are protected against fire. Our team have the knowledge to understand your exact property type, and install the most effective fire alarm system based on the size of the property, it’s specifications, who uses the property, and various other factors. When choosing to use Cardiff Alarm Systems, you can leave the process of sourcing and installing the alarms to our experts, who can ensure to make your property a safer place.

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Cardiff Alarms Systems Ltd are members of the SSAIB, (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board), and have a wealth of experience installing fire alarms systems. We supply and install a wide range of systems, so you can be confident we will have something for your property. Just give us a call and one of our technicians will arrange a visit to assess your property and recommend the most appropriate level of protection. We work across the Cardiff area; when it comes to fire alarm systems and associated fire safety equipment, you can rely on us.


Quality should always be a priority when it comes to installing alarm systems, therefore, we will always look to install the most efficient alarm systems for your property and ensure each of our staff has the correct knowledge to make the right recommendations for your property. Not only just this, we can also ensure that the installation process is implemented with precision and skill to ensure the most efficient performance of the alarms. Our team will always ensure to carry out the right quality checks to ensure that your newly installed alarms are as efficient as possible in alerting people inside of the property and detecting any signs of fire.

stems and associated fire safety equipment, you can rely on us.

Fire Alarm Systems

  • House, flats and apartments
  • Business premises
  • Large commercial premises
  • Wide choice of fire alarm systems
  • Supply and installation
  • Fire alarm maintenance and servicing
  • All our fire alarm systems come with a 2-year warranty as standard

It’s imperative that all properties have adequate fire protection in place, both legally and for your peace of mind. If your domestic or commercial property is yet to have alarms installed, our team can efficiently analyse your property to understand its specifications and provide the exact type of alarm your property needs. Understanding which fire alarm system your property needs is far from simple, so we can do the hard work for you with the end goal of installing specialist fire alarms in Cardiff. Arrange a FREE consultation for fire alarms systems; call us on 02920 00 44 65 and let us know our team of alarm specialists your property specifications.

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