Fire Alarms for Businesses – Upgrades & Legal Requirements


When it comes down to the fire safety of businesses, there are legal requirements that need to be put in place to ensure that every individual is safe at all times. Carrying out frequent checks and upgrades are some essential actions to take to ensure that all equipment is working correctly and efficiently. At Cardiff Alarm Systems, we are constantly adapting to ensure that you are receiving the best safety and security devices within your business to make certain that you are meeting above and beyond all standards of the Fire safety regulations.


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What are My Legal Requirements for Fire and my Business


When working within a business, it is vital that you are meeting the legal requirements that are put in place to ensure a safe working environment. Ensuring that you understand fully all of the requirements is essential when owning a property that other individuals work in, as this needs to protect each and every employee and a legal rule. Cardiff Alarm Systems is here to supply you with all the legal requirement information that you need to know for fires within your business. 


  • Fire Risk Assessment – As the responsible person, you must carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises and review frequently, caring out the risks will help you identify what you can do to upgrade any systems put in place or prevent the risk of the fire


  • Fire safety and evacuation plans – It is extremely important that each individual in the building has a good understanding of all escape routes to exit the building and what to do in the case of a fire. Your plan must show how you have:


– The correct number of exits in case of an emergency

– A clear passageway for all exits/to get to the exit

– Clearly marked escape routes 

– Emergency doors/exits

-A designated safe meeting point for staff

– Emergency lighting where needed


  • Fire safety equipment, training and drills – You as the owner must ensure that you are meeting all regulations when it comes to the equipment that is installed, such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire detections, emergency lights, fire exits and more. The responsible person must also ensure that all new individuals entering the building should be trained and educated on the fire regulations of that specific building


The Benefits of Upgrading Fire Detection Systems


Upgrading your Fire Detection Systems can come with many benefits, this is due to being able to renew and update your systems, so they are easier to maintain and manage.


  • Newer technology can open up the potential for fire detection and prevention
  • Remote access to monitor the fire detection system
  • Protect the building from damage
  • Increases safety of individuals
  • Early detection of fire in premises


The Benefits of Upgrades to Fire Prevention Systems


Upgrading fire prevention systems come with many advantages, as it can increase the safety of individuals in the building. Some benefits consist of:


  • Prevent compliance problems
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency
  • Cost-effective in the long run
  • Increased safety
  • Protect the building from damage


Investing in Fire Safety For Your Business Premises


It is a great idea to invest in Fire safety for your building as this is an essential resource for your business to protect yourself, employees, customers and your premises. We are all aware that the damage that fires can cause can be devastating, to prevent this, it is important that you are constantly meeting all requirements and obeying the fire safety rules. 


Investing in Fire Safety will also increase the reputation of your business as it will be seen as safe and reliable. We offer many different products and systems for fire safety such as:


  • Smoke Alarms
  • Smoke Detectors


These systems can be installed in:


  • Houses, flats and apartments
  • Large commercial premises
  • Business premises


Can These Upgrades Reduce Insurance Premiums?


By implementing safety equipment and policies, it is likely that your insurance premiums can go down, this is due to having increased safety within your premises because there are products put in place to help individuals reach a safe spot or even prevent a fire.


Increasing the Fire Safety of Your Business Premises


If you are looking to increase the safety of your business premises, Cardiff Alarm Systems is here to guide you through the best ways to put this into action.

  • Training – Updating your staff members regularly on the rules and regulations of fire safety is essential within a business, as well as giving them a guide on where to find equipment and where to exit the building, ensuring that your team members are up-to-date with all requirements will make certain that they know how to act and what actions to carry out in case of a fire emergency.


  • Installing Upgraded Systems – Installing upgraded systems will come with many great safety benefits due to having better technology, it is now common for upgraded systems to pinpoint exactly which alarm is going off in a specific location, giving you the opportunity to exit the building safely


  • Regular Fire Testing – Testing fire systems weekly ensures that you are up-to-date and informed of whether your fire alarms are working in the building. If they are not working, it is time to upgrade or install a new alarm, Cardiff Fire Alarm Systems has the best range in stock, see here to find out more.


  • Regular Risk Assessments – Carrying out regular risk assessments will help you determine what could potentially cause harm to other people from fire, e.g. Sockets and ovens in a building. Ensuring that risk assessments are complete will help to make you aware of what actions to carry out in case of a fire in the designated risk spot.


Working With Cardiff Alarms to Upgrade your Fire Alarm System



Working with Cardiff Alarm Systems, you will be guaranteed excellent customer service from start to finish, with us giving you the best advice when seeking to upgrade your fire alarm system. We provide many great fire alarms that we can recommend regarding the building that you are providing it for, meeting the needs and expectations of your premises.

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