Installing a Personal/Private CCTV System for Your Home

Installing a private CCTV system for your home is a great idea if you are looking to increase your security, evidence and peace of mind. Cardiff Alarm Systems offers a great range of installations with a CCTV system that our highly knowledgeable team will recommend to you that will be a perfect match to your home. 


We must note that any domestic building that operates a CCTV system cannot be placed outside of the property unless strict permission is given, and the camera should be facing your property and land only. You will need to be aware of the various restrictions in place if your camera faces vehicles or a public footpath.


We are one of the leading installers of CCTV in Cardiff. Get in touch with a member of our team today.


What CCTV Systems are Available for Home Security


When deciding what CCTV system you are looking to place on your property, there are a few things to consider within the placement of your camera. If you do not have any sockets nearby where you’re looking to install the camera, then we can provide you with our wireless CCTV cameras that are powered by battery. This can be very convenient for individuals who are busy and are looking for a quick and efficient way of setting up the camera, without having to drill into walls or ceilings.


We also offer wired cameras for those who are looking to not having to consider signal issues, although wireless cameras are great for being discreet, depending on the placement, there may be times when you have trouble with accessing the signal. Wired cameras also come with a wealth of high-quality footage that can be accessed through your phone, so you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world without having to worry about changing the batteries.


Increasing The Security of Your Home


Let’s be honest, nobody relaxes fully when we go on holiday, this is mostly due to the fear of our homes being broken into. Cardiff Alarm systems are your best bet when it comes to kicking that fear away. Our CCTV systems offer full security of your home, giving you the opportunity to keep an eye on your home whether you are at work, on holiday, popping to the shops or monitoring your baby in the room next door. Connecting your mobile device to the camera will allow you to watch the footage live and also backtrack to view actions that happened earlier that day.


The Other Benefits of Home CCTV Systems


Our CCTV cameras come with many benefits in creating peace of mind when you are worried about your home. Although we cannot physically stop intruders, we can help deter them, thieves tend to go for easy targets where they avoid being caught at all costs, so our cameras will be able to help make them want to avoid your home, with added reassurance that your home is safe.


Our security cameras only use a relatively small amount of electricity, saving money in the long run as is is easier to prevent an intrusion than it is to deal with it once occurred, which could cost you a lot of money if valuable items were to be damaged or stolen. 


Installing a CCTV camera will ensure that you receive all evidential proof of any crimes or inappropriate behaviour that has taken place on your property, so you can pass this on to police for further investigation. Our cameras provide high-quality lenses that are able to help identify criminals easily.


Indoor & Outdoor CCTV Surveillance For Your Home


We provide cameras that are created specifically for indoor and outdoor use, while both of our cameras appear to have similar characteristics and styles, our outdoor camera systems have many more integrated features that enable them to work efficiently in different weather conditions, and light exposures. Outdoor cameras tend to deter any thieves from trying to break in, as they will know they are being watched and go elsewhere. 


Indoor cameras tend to capture any thieves that do break in, gathering all evidence of what the individual looks like and what damage they have caused. Indoor cameras are a type of protection when it comes to showing the evidence to police as you have proof of their actions, lowering the risk of having to serve in court. 


It is also advised to install an alarm inside for full security, so you get an alert on your mobile device if someone has broken in, resulting in the alarm setting off and scaring off the intruder.


Does Having a CCTV System Help Reduce Insurance Premiums?


Investing into security for your home can potentially lower the costs of your insurance premiums, this is due to if you have a potential break-in, you are likely to make a claim on insurance which most likely will make the insurance go up. If you have home security installed, it is likely to deter thieves and crime so there will be less need to make a claim, so the more at risk your home is, the more expensive the premium insurance will be.


Can I Submit CCTV Evidence to the Police During Investigations?


CCTV should always be considered in a reasonable line of enquiry for an investigation. CCTV can most of the time be used in court as evidence to prove where someone is at a certain time and the actions they were carrying out. Video and image surveillance can be more than enough evidence for an investigation to prove an individual guilty, as they will be picked up on the footage of entering your premises. The camera should only be pointing directly on your property for your own protection, as it is illegal to be detecting anything outside of your premises.

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