Image of an access control system using fingerprint technology

What Is An Access Control System And Why Do I Need It For My Business?

As you would expect from the name, an access control system is a type of security system designed to monitor and control who is able to enter specific locations at particular times. Most businesses will have an access control system in place for their employees and visitors to access the buildings, sites, or specific rooms.


Different from the virtual type of access control which you will typically come across on websites and with different WIFI networks, the access control systems we are discussing here are electronic systems referred to as physical access control.


What Is An Access Control System?

Access control systems for businesses are electronic security systems which typically use swipe cards and intercom technologies to authorise access in certain areas to employees and visitors or members of the public. The systems can also provide businesses with logs of data on who and at what times has access to which sites, allowing businesses to easily track and monitor access to specific sites.


Modern access Control Systems will usually consist of these components:


  • Credentials – Credentials will often be entered using an electronic access card, a pin number, fingerprint detection, iris detection, a barcode or from an app to grant a person access to a location.


  • Credential reader device – These devices will often be installed to the outside of the entrance to read the credentials from the person trying to access the location.


  • Locking system – The locking system will usually be an electronic door lock which will only be unlocked when a person has the correct credentials to access the restricted area.


  • Intelligence monitors – Thes will come in the forms of panels or boards and will process the use of the other components which are all connected.


  • Access control server – A server which will store all the data retrieved from all the other components, functioning as a database manager, allowing you to easily access key access data.

Image of an access control system using fingerprint technology

An Access Control System Is A Much Better Alternative To Keys

Old fashioned metal keys are a simple way to access premises and are still crucial for smaller scale businesses and of course homes. If you are a larger scale business or organisation then you will benefit from investing in an access control system for your company. Below are some of the issues of using just keys for your access control security measures:


  • Keys are easily lost – Keys are much easier to lose and if one key is lost then you will have to replace the lock with a new one in case someone ends up misusing the lost key. This will not only cost you money but will be unnecessary hassle as you will need to distribute a new key to whoever needs access to the specific location. 


  • Keys won’t create data – With the use of keys, you won’t be able to monitor and store data on who has entered a location at a specific time. With an access control system in place, you can keep easy to access and up-to-date records of who is on your premises.


  • Keys are poor to manage – Large premises will often have many different points of access which will require a number of different keys. If someone in your business needs access to all rooms then this will not only be time consuming but could also prove very risky during an emergency.


Gives Your Business Enhanced Access Control Security Compared To Keys

As we have discussed above, there are problematic flaws that come with using standard keys for your business’s primary form of access control security. By investing in a modern access control system you can avoid these downfalls and significantly enhance your business security. 


A professional access control system such as the sophisticated range that we supply and install will help to manage access delegation in your organisation. You can implement an access policy for your organisation which will set different levels of access for different departments, employers and visitors, allowing for a smooth and organised system.

Helps To Reduce Theft 

Investing in a modern access control system will help to reduce the chance of theft from occurring and enhance overall employer safety. Controlling access to multiple locations could end up saving you thousands if someone did have access to a room filled with expensive equipment such as tools or office equipment. 


Streamline Your Business’s Access Control And Find The Right System With Cardiff Alarms Systems Ltd


Here at Cardiff Alarms Systems Ltd, we have years of experience in providing businesses with state of the art access control systems and have helped many organisations to streamline their access security. We will help advise you on the best access control systems for your organisation, providing a tailored approach in order for you to have the most optimal system in place for your organisation and its specific needs. To enquire about our access control systems, or any other of our security systems that we provide, such as our cutting edge cctv systems, then contact our team today.

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