What are the Benefits of Office CCTV Cameras?

CCTV cameras are an essential part of today’s society. Your business or home should have 24-hour supervision at a bare minimum which is why it is important to know exactly what CCTV camera you need, where you should install it, how much it costs, and why you should invest in one. 


A Wide Range of CCTV Cameras Available for Offices


When buying a CCTV camera with Cardiff Alarm Systems, we take pride in ensuring you are purchasing the correct item for you, to ensure your security is to the maximum level it can be. We offer various CCTV cameras that will cover what you are looking for; whether it’s how big the space is, how many people are working/living in that area to people who visit the designated place. We have professionals who can guide you through step-by-step the best purchase and installation process to take.


To find what camera is best for your property contact our team. We are one of the leading suppliers of Fire Alarms in Cardiff. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quotation.


How much is a camera installation?


Camera installations vary depending on the type of camera you set up, maybe you are looking at how to install a CCTV camera yourself. No need! With Cardiff Alarm Systems we can create a price to match your budget upon installation. We know how much security is essential, especially for commercial sites, so we are here to ensure you can get the most for your money. 


To get in contact with us to discuss price ranges give us a call on: 029 2000 4465


How far can security cameras see at night?


A smaller camera would contain 8 IR LED lights and will be able to capture up to a maximum of 40 feet, this would be more reliable for a domestic building to capture any activity that happens at night such as detecting activity that happens in your front or back garden, as well as activity that happens inside the home. 


Meanwhile, a bigger camera would usually contain 64 IR LEDs and will be able to support viewing of a maximum of 250 feet. This would be suitable for commercial sites with many different storage rooms and capture any theft and crime from acting on the grounds.


Why should I invest in a security camera?



CCTV cameras are not necessarily going to turn away thieves, but we can assure you that your office will be at the maximum level of detection and efficiency at all times.


Here is why you should invest in a CCTV camera:


  • We can match an affordable price to ensure your office has maximum security.
  • Some cameras we sell can be connected to smartphones, helping to keep an extra eye on your property from anywhere in the world, and also reassuring you to gain peace of mind!
  • They can monitor and track activities around the premises, helping you to gain live updates on any commercial properties.
  • Potential to deter crime: Studies have shown that having a CCTV camera installed, will help deter thieves and break-ins.
  • Evidence collection: If any unwanted activity is detected on your premises, you are at the advantage of securing evidence to prove all actions that were made.


Where should I position my CCTV camera?


For domestic areas, the best places to store your security camera are:

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Windows that are hidden from the public eye
  • Internal areas; such as at the top corner of a room
  • Garage
  • First-floor windows 


For Commercial areas (such as your office), the best places to store your security camera are:

  • Entrances and exits 
  • Store rooms; valuable tools and materials are the most common objects that are stolen on sites/warehouses.
  • Car parks
  • Customer interaction points e.g. customer tills
  • Reception


In conclusion, remember when installing your camera, it should be at a minimum angle of 2.5m (usually for home premises) to capture a better close-range view of the designated area you have chosen to observe. It will provide high-quality images due to being closer to the subject.

When securing a camera for commercial premises, you should install it at a minimum angle of 5m, you increase the capacity to detain more surroundings, maximizing your view. Wanting to purchase one of our security cameras?

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