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Installing Entry Systems for Your Business

Benefits of Installing Entry Security Systems for Your Business


Who can access your building and at which particular times is very important for business owners. Entry security systems are a great way to enhance the security of your business and control access to the premises. The core benefits of installing entry security for your business are as follows:


  • Enhanced security – increase the overall security of your building. A simple door lock with keys leads to a wide range of potential security breaches. Entry security increases your control of who can enter your building.

  • Integration with other systems – combine entry security systems with CCTV, access control and other core systems and you have massively increased the security of your business premises.

  • Reducing insurance premiums – businesses that invest in security systems are mitigating risk and taking action to prevent break-ins and having to make insurance claims. This can reduce insurance premiums paid per year.

  • Legal requirements – some industries or regulations for your business may require you to have relevant security systems in place for compliance reasons. If you are holding certain items within your business premises such as confidential documentation for example, or government / military information or inventory.

At Cardiff Alarms, we are the leading independent installer of entry systems in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. We can discuss your requirements and help you install cutting-edge and modern entry security systems for your business. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more today.


  • Wide range of systems
  • Suitable for buildings of all sizes and all uses
  • Intercom systems
  • Swipe card systems
  • PIN, RFID and video entry setups
  • We are SSAIB approved


This article goes into further detail on why you should install entry security systems for your 

business to read on to find out more now!


Controlling Access to Your Business 


Entry systems are extremely important in controlling flow into your business premises alongside access control systems. Door entry control can be combined with intercom systems as well as other systems to fully secure your business premises. There are other forms of advanced entry control that you can look to install if you need to enhance security further.


Customisation of Your Entry Systems & Access Control


Entry security systems can often be integrated with other systems such as time and attendance tracking, inventory management, and building automation systems. This can also be customised to work alongside CCTV systems, biometric access and other core systems depending on your requirements. Fire alarm systems can also be integrated to fully protect your business from all risks which can have an impact on your insurance premiums:


Peace of Mind & Potentially Reducing Insurance Premiums


Image of an access control system used for a commercial property in Cardiff


Insurance providers will look at the risk of you having to claim against an incident vs the likelihood that it will happen. If the risk is higher then it is highly likely that your insurance premium per year is higher than if you take action to reduce risk. Other aspects out of your control such as the price of your building increasing or you holding additional inventory or other assets can increase premiums as you are covering more items. Making investments into security can mitigate theft which can reduce insurance premiums alongside other systems such as fire detection and intruder alarms / CCTV. This provides peace of mind to you that your business is protected and to your employees.


At Cardiff Alarms, we are the leading independent installer of entry systems in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. We can help you install a wide range of security systems to protect your business. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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