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How Often Should Smoke Alarms Be Tested In A Rented Property?

Smoke alarms and detectors have been helping to save people’s lives for many years and are essential pieces of equipment for properties across the UK. It is an actual legal requirement for a fire detection system to be installed in any property within the UK. For rented properties, there are different legislations for Wales and England that pretty much outline the same legal responsibilities for Landlords which we will discuss in this article along with how often smoke alarms need to be tested in rented properties.


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Wales’ 2022 Fitness For Human Habitation Regulations

The FFHH (Fitness For Human Habitation) regulations brought into force from the 1st of December 2022, are a set of regulations that outline what is required of landlords who own privately rented homes to ensure that these properties are fit for human habitation. Within the regulations, there is a section that covers responsibilities with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

Smoke Alarms 

The FFHH regulations require landlords to have a fully operational smoke alarm fitted on every storey of a dwelling. The alarm must be professionally connected to the electrical supply and be installed in a place where occupants will be able to hear the alarm, which is most often areas like landing places or a hall. 


Carbon Monoxide Alarms

When it comes to carbon monoxide alarms, under the recent FFHH regulations, all landlords must have a carbon monoxide alarm present in any room within the private property that contains oil, gas or solid fuel burning appliances that have been installed by the landlord. If there is an appliance that is installed by the contract holder and not the landlord, then the landlord does not have to supply a carbon monoxide alarm.


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Landlord Obligations To Testing Smoke Alarms

Whilst there is no clear outline of how often smoke alarms need to be tested in rented properties, it is the landlord’s duty to ensure that a fully operational smoke alarm is installed on every storey of a dwelling. A smoke alarm that is in full working condition must be present from the very first day the contract holder moves in. The NSI (National Safety Inspections) suggest that smoke alarms should be regularly tested by qualified professionals yearly. So for rented properties, landlords should be ensuring that smoke alarms are tested at least annually by fully qualified professionals to keep alarms fully operational all year round.


Cardiff Alarms Can Provide Smoke Alarm Maintenance Contracts For Landlords

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