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Common CCTV Myths: Separating Facts from Fiction

There are many different myths within the world of CCTV security systems and modern security setups. This piece of content will separate misconceptions from truths and will allow you to make an informed decision on whether a CCTV system is something to consider for your home or business. 

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CCTV Systems are Expensive and Complicated


Most people associate CCTV cameras and security systems to be really advanced, high-tech systems that cost thousands of pounds. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, you can get very technical systems which include facial recognition and comparison features for example, but most people wouldn’t require such intricate systems. These sorts of systems would be for high-alert buildings and organisations such as government buildings, banks, museums and art galleries for example. 


There are plenty of affordable options on the market that you can use for your property. A simple 1-2 camera security system for the front and back exterior of your property is a cost-effective solution to adding a layer of security to your home or business. The cost of a CCTV system will vary on multiple factors including storage capacity, resolution, and durability which will all dictate the final cost. 


Security Systems aren’t Needed for High-Income Areas 


A lot of people associate higher-income neighbourhoods with lower crime rates. Although this is correct for the most part, high-income areas fall victim to burglaries consistently. Many criminals target these larger homes in safer neighbourhoods in the hope they find higher value items. Car theft is common in higher-income areas so CCTV systems for your garage or driveway would be an ideal solution, potentially decreasing the chances of becoming a victim to car theft. 


Only Rich People Need CCTV Systems 


Image of a Cardiff alarms CCTV installtion in Cardiff service for a clients property

This is similar to the previous point but the other way around. Many low earners will avoid getting CCTV systems for their property due to having the mindset “I don’t have high-value possessions to steal”, although this point is valid, it’s not necessarily correct. 


Many people have sentimental items, regardless of their value. For example, a piece of jewellery that has been passed down for generations. Although the actual material may be next to worthless, it holds plenty of sentimental value which is irreplaceable. 


Having a security system regardless of your neighbourhood, annual income or property value is highly recommended as everybody has something they want to protect, regardless of value. Not to mention, forced entry through windows, doors or any other potential entrance can cause damage to your property which can be costly to fix. 


CCTV Isn’t Effective at Stopping Crime 


Many people have the misconception that criminals will break the law regardless of the security systems around them. Although crimes still happen regardless of CCTV, it definitely reduces the risk of criminal activities such as theft. Many criminals will target homes that don’t have any security systems, like CCTV, as this will decrease the risk of getting caught by police due to lack of evidence. Simply installing a CCTV camera won’t guarantee theft prevention, but it’ll reduce the risk dramatically. 


Final Thoughts 


A CCTV security system is a good idea regardless of how much money you make, how much your property is valued and also the contents of your property. CCTV systems are an incredible method of security to give your home or business that extra layer of protection and to scare away potential burglars from entering your home or business. 


CCTV systems can be cost-effective, they don’t have to be an incredibly expensive system like many people think they are. At Cardiff Alarms, we provide cost-effective, affordable CCTV systems and installation in Cardiff and across the South of Wales. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact our team at 02920 00 44 65 today.

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